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Christopher Drucker

As a 37 year resident of Millburn Township, I have had the opportunity to serve on numerous committees, and volunteer organizations, as I’ve watched the town change. I have been selected, and have served under both Democratic and Republican committees. I have consistently supported predominantly Democratic candidates. For several of these candidates, I canvassed large portions of the Township to generate support. I worked for the candidates that had the vision, energy and experience to move the Township forward.

This is why I’m supporting Jodi Rosenberg for Township Committee. The committee requires individuals who calmly and intelligently make decisions. Jodi has lived in the Township for many years and fully understands the many issues we are facing, and will use her legal background to evaluate and resolve issues. Jodi will continue to work with members of the Committee, and, more importantly, with the community, to find common ground and concensus.

I have observed Jodi in a variety of situations and she is always the calm voice of reason.