What Does Common Sense for Millburn/Short Hills Mean?


Restore pragmatic, civil, open-minded and bipartisan government with a focus on local issues to serve Millburn & Short Hills.

Navigate our affordable housing obligations within the infrastructure limits of our town: more progress needs to be made without overwhelming our town with market-rate apartments.  We are opposed to government-owned housing solutions as well as the unbridled building of market-rate properties under the guise of affordable housing. 


Promote fiscal responsibility in the Township Government, particularly in a year where COVID may create headwinds.

Build consensus and refine ideas rather than rush through unsupported edicts like the new Special Improvement District (SID) – a new tax for many of our businesses when they are struggling through COVID.  The new SID is a resurrection and expansion of an old idea which was just discontinued in 2018, but this time with a board hand-picked by the Township Committee, not selected by the business community.


Listen to all constituents rather than rush to judge on social issues.  Millburn is a dynamic and diverse community; we need to emphasize equity, openness and kindness on all fronts.


Find practical & low disruption solutions to the town’s traffic pain points like the intersection of Main Street and Millburn Ave and the corner of Short Hills Ave and Millburn Ave while providing pedestrian safety along with traffic flow.   


Provide fresh perspectives and complementary business, medical, engineering and community service acumen to the Township Committee.  Combine the perspectives of a Doctor & Business Owner with those of a Veteran and Consulting Partner both with a focus on serving our community.


Support our first responders, including the police, firefighters and other governmental workers. We have a deep personal level of respect and a great sense of gratitude towards them. The recent rise in crime comes on the heels of unprecedented economic hardships due to COVID.  While they keep vigil at night let us also be careful and lock our cars and houses. 


We understand that these are complex topics, please visit www.nicandsujoyformillburn.com to learn more