Meet the Candidates​


Dr. Sujoy Menon

My wife Aditi and I have been part of the Millburn/Short Hills community for about 5 years now. Both of us are products of first-generation immigrant families from India. Her father is an ex-teacher at NYU and my father an ex-IBMer and subsequently, CEO of a technology company, while both our mothers are teachers in fine arts.

I grew up in India and came to the US to attend Rutgers University. My initial ambition to pursue medicine took a slight circuitous route when I got an opportunity to participate in cutting edge drug development projects utilizing my training in Computer Science and Molecular Biology. A masters degree in Medical Informatics from Columbia University and an MBA from Cornell University led to a more global role in managing international clinical trial operations for a highly successful HIV drug at Bristol Myers and Squibb. During this tenure, my original passion for medicine resurfaced and I went back to Medical School, where I received the highest honor for demonstrating exceptional humanism. Currently, I perform minimally invasive and highly targeted therapies for a variety of cancerous and non-cancerous diseases. I was awarded the distinction of Top-Doctor for 2018 and 2019.  My focus over the last six months has been on serving critically ill patients infected with COVID-19. Being a first responder to this global pandemic has given me a renewed perspective towards public service, as we all reevaluate what's important in our lives.

My vision for our town is one which is kid- and family-friendly along with a vibrant downtown, while resisting the lure of urbanization. My wife, also a medical doctor trained in NYC, caters to our first responders in addition to her other patients, right here in Millburn downtown. My children are beneficiaries of our amazing schools, hence sustaining the quality of our school system is crucially important to me. For me, the opportunity to be part of the Township Committee is to give back to a community that I am passionate about, and help create policies towards equity, safety, sustainability and vibrancy for years to come.